Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We open our presents on Christmas Eve night and then do stockings Christmas morning. The children are excited. Uncle Scott and Aunt Frances sent the children three presents each this year. They also sent a most delicious gift basket from Oh my goodness! The rugelach is to DIE for. Here is a description of our basket:

Hamper holds a 1-lb gift box of Grandma’s Rugelach; a 13-oz presentation box of Leonidas chocolates; 6-oz shortbread and a 2-pack of Oaties both from Shortbread House of Edinburgh; 8-oz pistachios; 8-oz dried fruit; and 8-oz cranberry nut mix.

So, if you read this Scott and Frances...thank you so much! Your generosity is much appreciated. Of course, weight watchers went out the window this week!:) I mean, how often do you get a gourmet gift basket?

Another Christmas Eve tradition in our house is the Christmas Eve dinner. We buy cold cuts (which includes steak tartar for Olaf) and eat them with rolls and crusty bread. I guess it's a German thing. Olaf loves it though. It's the one time a year that he gets to eat raw meat mixed with raw egg. Oh yummy! I will take some digital pics tomorrow night of the children and post them here. Christmas dinner will be turkey and stuffing. Just like Thanksgiving. Olaf will be the chef again. It turns out better that way!:)

My friend, Stacy, is making Josiah's birthday cake. She is doing Thomas the Tank Engine. Josiah loves Thomas. I ask him how old he is going to be on his birthday and he says "Thomas two." You see, we went to Party City to buy Thomas plates for his cake and he associated Thomas with being two. He is really cute. Grace has started to call Josiah like a southerner would. I can't spell it phonetically, but she says Jo-sah instead of saying the "iah" part of his name. It cracks me up! "C'mon Jo-sah! Let's go play."

Tonight at Publix I found our favorite German wine. I didn't know they had it there. It's called spatlese and it's a sweet white wine. Very tasty. I don't know what wine goes with what food, but the older I get the more I enjoy having wine with my meal every now and again. Especially if it's a nice meal like Thanksgiving or a tender steak. I should learn more about it.

It has gotten cold again today. It started out warm this morning and has gotten progressively colder throughout the day. I wish it would snow for Christmas. What are the chances of that? Snow on Christmas in Atlanta? Hmmm... Not very good.

Please comment or tag me so I know you've been here. Mary, you are so good about it! Thank you! Christmas Blessings to all of you!

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Cheri said... offense but raw meat and raw egg, makes this pregnant gal queesy. :) But we are having Monte Cristos for our Christmas Eve supper. My hubby's mom is Itallian and his dad is Danish (what a mix...) and he grew up with Lasagna on Christmas Eve. I grew up having a traditional meal (turkey/ham/dressing/potatoes/green beans etc). But since it's just us, we are kind of doing our own thing. :) Oh I missssssssssss Publix. We don't have those here. :( And we had a GREAT snow a couple of years back. It wasn't Christmas...but January...but we had like 6 inches. My 6 yr old was talking about that today as a matter of fact ''remember when we had that snow on our wood deck in Georgia?" :) Anyway now that I've blogged in your comments. I'll go. I hope yall have a great Christmas. :)