Monday, December 06, 2004

Deep Sigh...

Camille got a full day of school in today. She is learning about invertebrates, which she is NOT too thrilled about. Her chapter from JMG is all about insects, so she is getting hammered from all sides. In math today she started having 7 as a divisor and story problems that use division and multiplication. Her story problems thus far have all been addition and subtraction. She is working on contractions now in Language Arts which is all review for her. She gets her worksheet done in 5 minutes. We didn't do history because we did Science instead. I gave her a spelling test and she missed two out of 26. Overall we had a good day of school. She is outside right now with the little ones. It's kind of damp and cold out there, but they wanted to go out and play. Needless to say, she did not want Aravis going outside today. Aravis wants out though.

I am going to weigh in this evening but not stay for the meeting. I need to go grocery shopping instead. I may just try the Core plan this week instead of counting points. The only drawback I see is not being able to eat the same things as my family. I can't eat pasta or casseroles on core plan. Its basically a low carb diet except you can eat all the fruits and veggies you want. I just need to get going again. I have taken the last month off and gotten real lazy.

Jeannie stopped by today. Audrey usually wants to stay and play but she was more than ready to go home today. I'm not sure why. She had fun while she was here though. Grace likes to play with her. So does Josiah.
I didn't have many groceries to send home with her today. Just a few bags of Lenders Bagels.

Our chapter in "Calm My Anxious Heart" is about relationships. The chapter starts out with a story almost identical to my story of my internet friend that parted ways with me. I harbor absolutely no bitterness toward my friend and would gladly resume our friendship again if she wanted to. But the chapter was about unforgiveness and bearing with the "weaker brother." To go beyond forgiveness and do special things for the one that has hurt you. Not only in prayer, but in actions. It is hard sometimes to turn the other cheek when everything within you yells out, "I DON'T WANT TO FORGIVE YOU! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE FORGIVEN!" Then I think of Jesus who forgave me before I even knew I needed it. I know I take advantage of His forgiveness a lot of times. I get up and claim the Scripture "Your mercies are new every morning!"

I need to get something tangible done. I better go. Blessings!

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