Monday, November 16, 2009

My Bucket List

Zoe is making a list of things she wants to do before she turns 40. Since I am already 42, I have been thinking about things I would like to do before I die. You know, the Bucket List.

I would love to travel and see:
Ireland and Rome for sure.
Maybe Egypt, Ethopia, and China.

Lose weight and fit into a gorgeous, yet simple, wedding dress.

Have a wedding that I never had.

Have a honeymoon that I never had.

Have a wedding ring with more than a quarter carat diamond. (Yes, bury me in that sucker! I want a diamond ring, dammit!)

Dance with my husband in public. (we have never, ever danced together except goofing around at home)

Swim with a dolphin or two.

I'd love to work for a day in a zoo and handle all the animals. Especially the gorillas. I love animals.

That's it I think. I might think of more and add them later, but honestly I cannot think of anything else. My life is almost (almost) perfect. I love having my children home all day long. They grow up so fast that I am grateful for this short time I have with them. Olaf makes a decent living and we don't have any pressing needs... Life is good! (Olaf if you are reading this, do not buy me a diamond ring without my approval!)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oh Lush, how I love you!

Thanks to my friend, Zoe, in England, I love Lush Products. The Karma scent is so hippy; so ME! I visited a Lush Store in Soho when I was there in August and bought the Ultra Bland Cream to take off my eye make up. ::swoons:: It works so well and is go gentle. And you see that spray bottle of Rose Water? After you wipe off your eye make up, you spray that rose water on a cotton round and swipe your eyes for a nice clean feeling. Obviously I love them so much that I took a picture of them in my filthy bathroom to show you!

Camille and I are leaving Friday night for the Big Apple. We are supposed to come home Sunday, but the only flight that is open leaves at 6:00 am. We'll see... I am excited about taking her to see Wicked. Broadway is such an awesome experience. I plan to take each of the children to a show when they hit 13ish. When we lived in New York we saw The Phantom of the Opera and it was fantastic. I saw WIcked in August and it was so fun. Look for pictures on Facebook.