Saturday, July 30, 2005

I went to the 3-Day Expo today in Atlanta. It was informative. The other Misty from Newnan (yes, there are 2 of us!) went with me. The other Misty is taller than me too! So, there are two tall Misty's in Newnan that are walking in the 3-Day. They had areas set up like how to put your tent up, how to pack your stuff, breast cancer awareness pamphlets and flyers, meet your coach, some vendors like New Balance and REI... They also had a few freebies for us like those neckbands that you soak in water that are supposed to keep you cool. Was it worth the drive into Atlanta? Probably not. But it was fun driving in with a new friend and eating at Sonic afterwards.

I am not one to nap, but it I had the chance right now...I would. For some reason (maybe its the Sonic) I am so tired. I think I just over ate. I was supposed to walk 14 miles today, but that isn't happening. Hopefully I can get 10 in tomorrow. I 'll need to get up early to do it though. I wish I had someone to walk with. It sure makes the time go by faster.

The children are out of the bath and need me. I have two little nekkid babies running around right now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Over the past two days I have eaten an entire batch of No Bake Cookies. You know, the one with cocoa, butter, milk, and sugar. Then you add quick oats and peanut butter and drop them by the spoonful on wax paper. I ATE THE ENTIRE BATCH! My visitor is here (aka Aunt Flo) and I needed...I mean NEEDED...the entire batch of cookies. And it didn't stop there. I have eaten like a pig and have gained about 6 pounds back in the last couple of months. I must stop the insanity. Remember Susan Powter? That was her infomercial back in the early ninety's. "Stop the Insanity!"

And with that rant, I am going to bed. I have had a bad day and I am more than ready to close my eyes and start afresh tomorrow.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I really shouldn't but...

he is so cute! I told him to give me a thumbs up for going poo on the potty! The last 6 pictures on this roll (yes, this is FILM) were all toilet pictures separated by at least a month! I guess I forgot that I had already took poo poo pictures. I am such a dork. He is back to going poo 100% of the time in the potty. He could care less about going pee pee in the potty though. I think he was traumatized when I put underwear on him and he went all over himself. It scared him.

Shasta is still sick. I think this is a different sick though. He seems to have a sneezing/coughing type cold. I sure hope he makes a full recovery. I was up all night worried about him.

No word on the foreman job that Olaf interviewed for. Hopefully he will know sometime this week. If nothing else they said he did a great job on the interview.

We went to Costco yesterday. We didn't buy too much. Nothing fun anyway. Camille bought a new book with her pet sitting money. She bought this. It was $16.99 and she gladly forked over the money. She loves books! The only fun thing I got was a berry smoothie.

It is hotter than hades today. Well, not really I'm sure. Now, that isn't a pretty thought. I absolutely HATE the heat. I am so happy I am saved. We were listening to Chris Tomlin on the way to riding lessons this morning. If you haven't bought his CD, you really MUST. It just makes you sing along and worship the Lord. If you go to his website make sure your volume is turned up!

What to make for supper??? Hmmm... any ideas?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Mama by Josiah

Josiah took this picture of me today. I thought it was funny that a 2 year old could even find me in the view finder. I am going out to eat this evening with two of my friends. Tammy and Patty. It was Patty's birthday and we are taking her out to eat. We are going here. Tammy has a migrain today so I am not sure how much fun she'll have. I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Now Grace wants to type something:


Now it's Josiah's turn:


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Exciting News

Some great news about Karen. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Feeling better

Shasta is making a slow recovery. He is still not 100% but he is fighting me when I give him his medicine. That is a good sign. I don't know what caused his sickness, but I have a feeling that he ate something he shouldn't have. Maybe something rotten or poisonous.

I went to my Southern Living at Home Consultant's house this evening, I won a great prize! I'd link you to a picture but it has been discontinued. It a cute serving platter called Song of the South and it has little pictures and southern sayings all over it. It also came with a little bowl for dip etc. I think it sold for $45 in the last catalog. Then I booked a show and got a beautiful trifle dish for free. And I won any item at half price. With that I bought a set of four bowls. They are so pretty.

Olaf interviews for a foreman position on Thursday. Can you please pray for him? He loves his job as a lead mechanic and won't be terribly disappointed if he doesn't get it. However, it's always nice to get chosen for a new job. The competition is steep, but no one looks better than Olaf in a suit!:)

Good night! It's late and I need to get going...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sick cat

We awoke this fine Sunday morning to a very sick cat. I took Shasta to the Emergency Vet this morning. He has some sort of infection with a very high fever. He is very lethargic and just looks pitiful. They did blood work, a feline leukemia test, pushed fluids through an IV, and gave him an injection of antibiotics. They also sent antibiotics home for the next 10 days. $300 later and Olaf isn't too happy. They wanted to keep him overnight, but I have to take Cami to rising lessons tomorrow morning and just didn't want to have to drive to Union City (about 45 minutes away) to pick the cat up. I think he is more comfortable here anyway. If he doesn't get better in the next day I will take him to our regular vet.

After the cat incident this morning, we decided to make the drive to the Mall of Georgia. We never go to the mall because, well, it's the mall. But we also wanted to do something as a family that had air conditioning. It took 1.5 hours to get there and we stayed for about an hour. You can't go into stores with four small children and enjoy yourself if you know what I mean.

I walked about 8 miles or so on Saturday. It was fun meeting Tammy and Cindy. I do have some slight shin splints today though. I walked in my new shoes and only had a few hot spots on my feet. Before my walk next Saturday I plan on using moleskin on my hot spots and see if that makes a difference. And Tammy had this shirt on. So as soon as I got home, I went and bought one too! I am so original! I also bought this. And this too! And these. Fun, fun, fun! And check out our team website. It has been updated.

Tomorrow is Monday...ahhh the joy!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sponsor Me Please!

People have stopped giving. I guess since I don't "need" anymore money people don't feel as compelled to give. That kind of sucks. If you haven't sponsored me yet, but were going to prior to me making the $2,100 mark, please consider sponsoring me. The money goes toward a great cause. And speaking of that, have you done your monthly self exam? If not, get to it! The article about me is not online. I guess it's not considered "real" news.

I am going walking this Saturday morning with my team captain, Tammy Redding. I am driving to her neighborhood in Villa Rica. I have never met her in person but have talked on the phone and e-mailed her a good bit. She seems incredibly sweet. She has U2 tickets that she is raffling off as a fundraiser for our team. Let me know if you're interested in that. The two shows that U2 is doing here sold out in mere hours. You had to do a lottery just to stand in line! She is selling 500 tickets max. $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. That will basically sponsor one walker without doing any other fundraising. She also has Braves tickets at the dugout level she is raffling. Well, go here and click on "items for sale."

As for other news, we are poor. We really got off our budget and it shows. Tomorrow is payday and I am happy! I have to run to the grocery store before Bible Study tonight and get some milk and bread. I can write a hot check because the money will be there tomorrow morning. So essentially it isn't really "hot." Just kind of warm.

Camille is doing well in school thus far. It's still mostly review, but only a few tears have been shed. Not bad for a whole WEEK! LOL! She excels in math. No doubt about that. She loves to read fiction and is currently reding Anne of Avonlea. The girl devours books. I started teaching her some map reading skills this morning. We also took out the globe and talked about the continents and oceans. This year she is supposed to learn all the state capitals. I don't even know them all. I think I learned them at one point in my life but have since forgotten all of them. But hey, I can sing the Preamble!

I need a new bra. I only buy them here. They are so comfy. I found them while pregnant with Grace and cannot wear anything else now. I even sleep in them. They were easy to nurse in as well. Anyone have suggestions as what to wear for shorts (not undies) while I walk? I have been wearing my denim capris or denim shorts. I am very modest and shorts HAVE to come within 2 inches of my knee. They can't be fitted either. Like no spandex or anything that sticks to my skin. Suggestions??

Tomorrow is Friday! Hallelujah!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm famous

Yes, the newspaper article ran today. It will be online tomorrow and I will link it then. The photo of Karen's family and myself were in color. They used a "walking" photo of me and not the "posing" one. I'm kind of grateful for that. It's fun reading about yourself in the paper.

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
You are kind, popular, and generous.
You tend to be successful at anything you try.
A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.
You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Newspaper Article

I am supposed to be in tomorrow's paper. They will have the story here, but there won't be any pics. I know I am going to be in the Close-Up Section. Anglea, the reporter, called me today to get the names of Karen's children. She is running this photo of them in the paper:
Image hosted by
This photo was taken 9-11-04 in Hawaii. It was Karen and Darren's 12th anniversary. She had cancer here and didn't even know it. By that point she had already been to the GYN about the lump in her breast but was assured that it was "probably nothing to worry about."

Thank you, Tammy S., for your generous contribution to my 3-Day Walk. You are awesome! I tried to play Donkey Kong recently and totally sucked at it. I thought of you though. Remember what we saw at the Middle School while walking to Putt-n-Video? And what you said to the policeman afterwards??? LOL! We sure have some memories. I am blogging tonight just for you!

School starts for Caleb August 9th or 10th. He is so ready to go back to school. I am ready for it too. I started doing school with Camille and it is so much easier to do while he is not here. I work with him a little too, but his attention span is literally about 30 seconds. He cannot write his name. He can't even look down at the paper long enough to write his name.

Have a great night and I'll post tomorrow after I see the paper!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Shoes

Well, we went to Phidippides today. I got these. Let me just say, driving in Atlanta has to be a part of God's punishment to the wicked in the after life. And going to mid-town, especially where this shoe store is located, is just like being in Sodom and Gomorrah if you know what I mean. We passed this bookstore which has a patio on the front where couples hang out and get goosey. Blech! I just kept praying that the children wouldn't see it. I didn't want to explain an alternative lifestyle to a nine year old. Anyway, my shoes feel good. I hope to walk a bit in them tomorrow. Today I walked about 6-7 miles. I wanted to walk 10 but I feel so guilty being gone from my family that long. I walked for two hours this morning.

I'm tuckered. Went to bed LATE last night and got up early. I need to get to bed by 10:30 tonight...

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm hungry

Well, the newspaper (Angela Webster) came out this morning and interviewed me about the 3-Day. She took a few photos of me walking down the road and another posed photo of me looking over my right shoulder. I hope I don't look like a complete dork when they print it! She is very sweet and I'm sure the article will be well written. She is going to run a photo of Karen and her family as well and give out Karen's website in the article.

Tomorrow I am going to walk my first 10 mile walk. I'll be gone for over three hours, so I need to get moving early. I also need to buy another pair of shoes soon. I am thinking of going here to get a proper fit. My friend, Sharalyn, let me borrow a book all about running and the author is the guy that opened these stores. I still want to be a jogger, but haven't attained it yet. I have never been a good runner. Even in high school I sucked at running. Now, 30 pounds overweight, I really suck at it!

As for my title, I am hungry. I am not sure what we are having for dinner, but I can assure you I am not cooking it. I am kind of in the mood for fried fish from Captain D's or Long John Silver. If I were in Oregon I'd go to Skipper's. We don't have any Skipper's out here. I'd also go to Taco Time. Oh, I LOVE their crisp burritos with mexi-fries. Now I'm really hungry.

Oh, I need to update about my ENT appointment. Dr. H put me on long term antibiotics for a full month. He also gave a prescription for Diflucan so the yeast won't get the better of me. My throat is not infected, however, it is still swollen. If this doesn't work, then it's time for a tonsilectomy. Sucketh.

I just rubbed my eye forgetting that I had make-up on. Does anyone else do that?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cheri is no longer 987 weeks pregnant!

Anna~Elizabeth Lillian
Born July 7th, 2005 @ 10:28am (Central time)
Weight: 8lbs. & 3.6oz.
Length: 19.5 inches long!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Deacon Groomed

Image hosted by

Thanks to Becky, I have a better picture of Deacon!

Mostly stained

He can't stain the front of the boards yet because it's too wet or something like that!
Image hosted by
Today is my follow-up doctor appointment with the ENT. My throat is starting to hurt again, so we'll see what he says. I also take Deacon to get shaved today. He is a moppy mess again and Olaf just doesn't have the time to shave him. It literally takes him hours to shave that dog! Do you remember the before and after pics of him the last time we shaved him? Too funny!

Thanks to the antibiotics I was taking I have a wonderful yeast infection. I am going to ask Dr. H if he can write a Rx for Diflucan. It's hard on the liver but does wonders for yeast! Sorry if that was TMI!

Karen had her port installed yesterday for the Herceptin and any other IV infusion that she may need. Keep praying for her.

My dentist, Dominick D'Auria of Aberdeen Dental, gave me $150 toward my walk! How incredibly nice was that? I did ask him to sponsor me but I expected the $25 just-to-be-nice donation. His sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37 or 38 so it hit close to home for him. I am $9 away from $3,000. Anyone want to make it even?:) Speaking of the walk, I go to my FOCUS meeting tomorrow. It is required event that I must attend prior to the walk. I think they mostly talk about fundraising, but I'm excited to go anyway. It is in Peachtree City and I am happy that it is so close. All the other meetings are in Atlanta.

Have you ever had a pimple (or zit or bump or whatever you want to call them) under your eyebrow? Man, I have one that hurts! Again...TMI! Good thing I have bushy eyebrows! Ha ha on you Cheri.

Speaking of Cheri, she is officially 987 weeks pregnant today!

Off to pop a zit! LOL!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Just a little PS

I forgot to tell you that the local newspaper is coming out on Friday to interview me about my 3-Day Walk. Angela Webster, the reporter, is a friend of the Ishwerwoods. I have met her several times and sat with her at tea at Ms. Mike's (see picture below) 60th birthday party a few years ago. I e-mailed her and let her know about the walk and she is coming Friday morning to interview me and take a picture for the paper. Autographs anyone?? Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Image hosted by

Thought I'd say it before it actually comes! Have a great 4th of July with your friends and family. Eat a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs. Go to the parade. Watch the fireworks. Be safe! Happy Birthday America! And with that I leave you the Schoolhouse Rock version of the Preamble of the United States Constitution. If you want to listen to it for old times sake please click here.

Hey, do you know about the U.S.A.?
Do you know about the government?
Can you tell me about the Constitution?
Hey, learn about the U.S.A.

In 1787 I'm told
Our founding fathers did agree
To write a list of principles
For keepin' people free.

The U.S.A. was just startin' out.
A whole brand-new country.
And so our people spelled it out
The things that we should be.

And they put those principles down on
paper and called it the Constitution, and
it's been helping us run our country ever
since then. The first part of the
]Constitution is called the preamble and tells
what those founding fathers set out to do.

We the people
In order to form a more perfect union,
Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,
Provide for the common defense,
Promote the general welfare and
Secure the blessings of liberty
To ourselves and our posterity
Do ordain and establish this Constitution
for the United States of America.

In 1787 I'm told
Our founding fathers all sat down
And wrote a list of principles
That's known the world around.

The U.S.A. was just starting out
A whole brand-new country.
And so our people spelled it out
They wanted a land of liberty.
And the preamble goes like this:

We the people
In order to form a more perfect union,
Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,
Provide for the common defense,
Promote the general welfare and
Secure the blessings of liberty
To ourselves and our posterity,
Do ordain and establish this Constitution
for the United States of America.

For the United States of America...

Image hosted by

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I walked 6 miles this morning. My hands swelled up like balloons. I asked for advice on the 3-Day boards and everyone said to bring a stress ball or some silly putty to play with while I walk. I can't wait to see what they look like after 20 miles! Yippee! (I'm totally being facetious) I went to Target today and bought a twin air matress and a battery powered pump. I know I just bought the pad, but I was thinking that a pad will not be enough cushion on nights two and three! My body is probably going to be hurting and I want to sleep on a matress. That is...IF I camp! Olaf is telling me I MUST camp. "It's a part of the experience, Misty!" I just think he doesn't want to come pick me up!:)

Tomorrow is Callaway Gardens and the beach. I am going to walk another six miles on the beautiful trails, while Olaf has the children at the beach area. He really is a good husband. I'm not sure he will watch them properly, but if they are alive and unhurt when I get back then I'll be happy. Men just don't have those eyes in the back of their heads like women do. I can watch all four children at once and keep on top of their every move. Olaf has to take care of one at a time.

Need to get the children in bed.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Bible Study

Last night the ladies from my Bible Study met at Chili's for dinner. This is a picture I took with my phone! It is Ms. Mike and Krista. Ms. Mike is Karen's mom and Krista is Karen's sister.

Image hosted by

I love them both!