Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year??

Oh my word was today full of shit!  Back story:

There has been a huge, male (with balls) dog coming into our yard for about a month now.  He is super sweet, but he shits all over the place and makes my dogs go crazy.  They bark at the windows and will not shut up.  If I let my dogs out while he is here they run with him all over the road.  Kidani almost got hit by a bus because of this dog.  We found out that this dog showed up on our neighbor's property and they decided they might want to keep him.  So they feed him.  But they don't "house" him, so he runs.  To MY house.  To shit on my property and make my dogs go nuts.  So, as a nice neighbor I take the dog back to his "owner" and introduce myself and ask her to 1.keep the dog on her property or 2. get rid of the dog.  Well, that didn't work.  Every day here comes the sweet dog with huge balls to make my dogs go crazy and so he can shit on my porch.  So, I have my children take the dog back to the owner.  Three times.  But that doesn't work.  So I send her a Facebook message asking her to keep the dog on her property.  She comes down and speaks to Olaf and is very nice about it.  She still doesn't know if they are going to keep the dog.  Guess what?  That doesn't work.  The dog still comes down into my yard to shit and make my dogs go fucking ballistic.  So, I call Animal Control.  Yep, I did.  I filed a complaint yesterday with Coweta County.  That was about 10:30 am.  At about 1:00pm some crazy ass white truck pulls into my driveway, pulls all the way to the garage, and then backs out like a crazy man.  Scared me to death, but I didn't know who it was. I was so scared, I texted my husband and told him about it.  So today, I let Deacon out to pee.  I was watching from the window since it was raining and I was in my pajamas and had no bra on.  Mr. neighbor man was walking his (now leashed) dog and decided to stop in front of my house because he was PISSED that I had called Animal Control.  Now mind you, I had NEVER met MISTER Neighbor man before.  Only Missus, and she was nice.  I go out to get Deacon and this mother effer starts yelling at me.  He threatens me, yells at me, and basically tells me, "You are NOT welcome in this neighborhood."  He also said, "If something should happen to you or your house, I would never help you."  Was that a threat?  Of course, Olaf wasn't home when all of this transpired.  And what is his reaction?  Let's call the cops!!  I only want to do that as a last resort because honestly, I am scared shitless of this man.  I am afraid he will set me house on fire or something.  And I wanted to blog to get this out on the internet in case I am killed. :0)