Friday, January 30, 2009

Video of Olaf's Mouth


Thanks Heather!

Look at my coolio blog. Thanks Heather for telling me about that website. If you use Blogger, look at the little link up in the left corner and you too can have cool backgrounds.

Olaf's mouth is such a mess again. He called the doctor and asked to be put back on the medicines. I have no idea what is going on with that man. I sure hope we can get a diagnosis. He cannot live on antibiotics and antivirals forever. I want to take a photo of his mouth to post just so you guys can have an inkling of how bad it is. His tongue is nothing but a huge white patch that bleeds when the white gets rubbed off by eating or swallowing. All of the soft tissue in his mouth is white puss pockets and his entire esophagus is covered in the same stuff. He can't talk, he can't eat, he feels like crap... And I cannot do anything to help him. Pray for him. He needs it.

Simon caught the cough that the girls had, but when Simon get something respiratory it is always bad. His chest rattles with every breath. The next two weeks are not going to be fun.

Oh, Zoe asked where my last vlog was. I took it down before I reformatted the blog to see if that was the reason my sidebar was all wonky. I just never put it back up. I still have your pen pot. I will get that in the mail next week if it kills me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In order to get my comments back...

I had to reset my blog. I absolutely hate the awful pink color background, but until I figure out how to change it, you're stuck looking at it. The good news is I now have comments. The picture on top is Olaf and I on our wedding day, January 23, 1988. Gosh I was cute! Where does all this self esteem come from I wonder? Hmmmm.... I think it comes from Cheri.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bragging a little; OK, a lot!

I absolutely have the best husband in the world.  While on our lunch/breakfast date at Cracker Barrel, my husband looks at me from across the table and says, "I don't know how it is possible to love someone more each day, but I love you so much." Then he started to tear up.  He took a deep breath and composed himself so I wouldn't cry too.  After lunch we did a little shopping.  We went to Rack Room Shoes because he needed some new shoes for work.  While we are there, I start looking at dressy sandals and pumps.  After he found his shoes, he comes over to me and is genuinely interested in my shoe purchases.  He is pointing out shoes and giving me his opinion.  It was fabulous.  I don't even care if he was faking it!  It was still fabulous.  We walked next door to TJ Max and I bought two more pair of shoes.  (And I am not even a shoe gal!)  Then to top it off, today he asks me if he can give me a pedicure.  He asked me.  He said, "You really need a pedicure. (He noticed my awful feet from trying on the shoes.) Do you want me to give you one?"  So off we go to the bathroom where he scrubs my feet with Basin Sugar Scrub, rubs lotion all over them, files my toenails, then paints them red.  What is even better is he said, "This is hot!" as he was painting them.  I think I'll keep him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Olaf Update

Olaf finished his medicine for his mouth a few days ago, and now his mouth sores are coming back.  He was on a strong antiviral, a very strong antibiotic, and a steroid for 14 days!  He goes back to the doctor on Monday, however his mouth and throat will be covered by that time.  My guess is that the doctor will want to biopsy the sores and perhaps do more invasive tests to look for leukemia and other cancers such as a bone marrow biopsy.  I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary.  Camille is going to watch the children for a few hours so we can go out to lunch or perhaps go see a movie.  I want to see Slumdog Millionaire since I have heard so many great things about it.  I hope Simon doesn't poop.  She doesn't like to change poopy diapers:)  The temperature is supposed to be 63 degrees tomorrow which reminds me of the day we got married in Hesperia, CA.  I think it was in the low 70's that day.  It was a sunny, gorgeous day and I remember being nervous as I walked down the dormitory stairs with my 2 girlfriends.  I remember thinking (or maybe even saying out loud) I am about to get married!  That is crazy!  To be honest, I never expected to be married for life.  Neither did Olaf.  We were kids and we thought since we were dating, we might as well get married and get some extra money from the government.  The military pays you extra to live off base and you get a supplement for food as well.  So, hey...  Why not get married?  Who knew that twenty one years later we would actually love each other more than the day we got married?  Not me.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something I read...

Rosa sat so Martin could walk,
Martin walked so Obama could run,
Obama ran so our children can fly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Only three days!!

Until LOST returns!  I can't wait to see what happens.  

Five days until my 21st wedding anniversary.  January 23, 1988 I married a 19 year old kid and now I have a 40 year old hottie.  Why do men look better as they age?  It really isn't fair.  I just look old and fat.  

I am listening to Luther right now, holding sleeping Simon, and typing one handed. Talented, eh?  We went to Costco today and spent a wad of money.  I love Costco though.  

My friend, Raylene, gave me a new drink recipe.  It's called a Cloud and it's made with 2 shots Grey Goose Vodka, 1 shot Creme de Cocoa, 1 shot Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, splash of cream.  Shake with ice, strain and drink.  Yummy.

Olaf is off tomorrow for MLK Day.  I plan on talking with Camille about Civil Rights and what Dr. King accomplished.  If it weren't for him, Mr. Obama would not be taking the oath of office in 2 days.  No matter your political affiliation, our country is making history on Tuesday.  

Oh, Dance With My Father is playing now.  You must listen.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Vlog with Cheri

Can be seen here.  It was too long to upload to YouTube:)  This one is only 10 minutes and we have FIFTY minutes total, so there will be more people.  Oh yes, much more.

Olaf saw the doctor yesterday and all his blood work came back good.  That was great news!  So now he is on some serious antibiotics, steroids, and an antiviral with the hopes that it will finally cure him of these mouth sores.  If this round of medications do not work, then they will put him under and biopsy the sores themselves.  Thank you to everyone who has asked about him.  I appreciate it so much:)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


"I have three things I'd like to say today.  First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition.  Second, most of you don't give a shit.  What's worse is that you're more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night." - Tony Campolo

"Water is fluid, soft, and yielding.  But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.  This is another paradox: what is soft is strong." - Lao-Tzu

"Man is a religious animal.  He is the only Religious Animal.  He is the only animal that has the True Religion - several of them.  He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight." - Mark Twain

"Gandhi sought to follow Jesus without being a Christian, whereas we try to be Christians without following Jesus." - Brian McLaren

Friday, January 02, 2009


Here it is. A New Year. A fresh start. A clean slate. LOVE THAT!

However, I need to update everyone on my husband's health. For the several years his health has been declining. He has odd symptoms off and on like numbness in his arm or hands, muscle weakness, very tired all the time, generally not feeling well. The symptoms come and go and no matter how much I nagged, he never went to the neurologist. Well, fast forward to November 2008 while we are on vacation at Disney World. He starts getting mouth sores. You know, like canker sores. By November 15th the man cannot eat because his entire mouth and throat are covered in white patches. He sees our family doctor the day before Thanksgiving who tries to treat him for oral thrush. Nope. Didn't work. He then goes to a PA at our Ear, Nose, Throat doctor who prescribes an antiviral med and some magic mouthwash. He follows up with her 2 weeks later with a little bit of relief, but not much. So, today he sees the ENT Doctor (Dr. Heindel whom I love and adore) who believes that what is going on in his mouth and throat is caused by a much larger problem. He ordered a whole bunch of blood work and Olaf follows up with him next Friday. I mean, this could be very serious. Serious such as leukemia, lymphoma, or another autoimmune disorder. To say I am nervous would be an understatement, but I also know there is not one thing I can do to change things. So, I wait. I wait until someone tells us what is wrong so we can begin to fix it. To look on the bright side, Olaf has lost about 20 pounds so at least his blood pressure should fall:) So keep Olaf in your thoughts and prayers as he endures this awful pain in his mouth and throat. I can't imagine not being able to eat or heaven forbid, drink alcohol. I will keep you posted as we learn more.