Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks Heather!

Look at my coolio blog. Thanks Heather for telling me about that website. If you use Blogger, look at the little link up in the left corner and you too can have cool backgrounds.

Olaf's mouth is such a mess again. He called the doctor and asked to be put back on the medicines. I have no idea what is going on with that man. I sure hope we can get a diagnosis. He cannot live on antibiotics and antivirals forever. I want to take a photo of his mouth to post just so you guys can have an inkling of how bad it is. His tongue is nothing but a huge white patch that bleeds when the white gets rubbed off by eating or swallowing. All of the soft tissue in his mouth is white puss pockets and his entire esophagus is covered in the same stuff. He can't talk, he can't eat, he feels like crap... And I cannot do anything to help him. Pray for him. He needs it.

Simon caught the cough that the girls had, but when Simon get something respiratory it is always bad. His chest rattles with every breath. The next two weeks are not going to be fun.

Oh, Zoe asked where my last vlog was. I took it down before I reformatted the blog to see if that was the reason my sidebar was all wonky. I just never put it back up. I still have your pen pot. I will get that in the mail next week if it kills me.


Madame Rubies said...

*grins* So pretty.

I am sorry about Olaf's mouth being like this again. It sounds painful and gross, and I hate that that can't just figure it out already. (((MISTY AND OLAF)))

UKZoe said...

heeheeeheee on my pen pot and so sorry Olaf is feeling so bad and praying you get answers soon.