Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today was a good day. Simon had fun on his first Easter Egg hunt in our front yard. It was precious.

Caleb, Camille, and Simon have a cold. First mono, now a cold. Oh Happy Day!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I am tired and it is late. Simon is wearing me out. He only wants me. Not only that, he has learned how to talk and scream and throw a fit. I swore I would be a better parent and never, ever (God forbid!) allow my child to throw a fit or disobey me. HA! And I'll say it again for good measure. HA! I am too old to fight this little guy. The last one really is the most spoiled. Without a doubt. He has a recheck at the doctor on Wednesday so she can look in his throat to make sure he is getting better. I know he is because he started eating again. I may cancel it...

Caleb is on spring break this week. We are going to see this on Thursday afternoon. We also have plans to go see this in the future. I guess we will be learning about China's First Emperor this week in homeschool. I think there may be a Louvre exhibit at the High as well.

Have I mentioned that I am fat? Well, I am. I don't think it is going to change by me writing about it though. Apathetic at this point.

OK, time for bed. It is midnight and I need to sleep. I wish I didn't need to sleep and then maybe I would clean my house. But sleeping sounds like a better idea.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It is confirmed

Simon has mono. Where in the world did he get that? Now I am sure all the children will get it since we all share drinks and food. Oh well. At least I will know what it is once it hits. He is on steroids to help with the inflamed tonsils.

Olaf has a follow up appointment with his doctor that admitted him to the hospital today. I will post any new information tomorrow. I don't think we are going to learn anything new.

Josiah is behind in Kindergarten. I hope when he starts his DVD's next year that he can keep up. I have not done a great job of schooling him this year. He can read, but is behind on knowing his special sounds and is also behind in his writing ability. He does great in math though. He is pretty good on his DS and Wii. Does that count? I don't think the girls will get to finish their entire DVD series as well. We'll be mostly finished. He's not dead! He's just mostly dead!(Princess Bride)

Do you know that no one in my extended family reads this blog? I have a mother, a sister, and three brothers, and not one of them reads my blog. Is that sad or what? Can you imagine having family members, especially your own mother, who knows about this blog, knows there are videos of the children here, knows there are photos here, and doesn't even bother to come? Not only that, I haven't seen them in nine years. My mother has never seen Grace, Josiah, or Simon. She will not come visit even though she lives alone and I have offered to pay her way out here. Do you know how that makes me feel? Worthless. Same with my sister. She is off all summer long because she works for the school system. I offered to buy her a plane ticket out here, but she hasn't come either. I know bitching won't help things, but it just makes me sad. If you have extended family, be grateful. Very grateful. We have none! Olaf has one brother and we don't see him either. I cannot imagine having family who offers to care for the children or who you can call on in time of need. Lord knows I have needed some help the past few weeks. OK, I am done now.