Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My Quarterly Post

Rome was fantastic! Oh my word, I am so glad that I chose to go there for my first trip out of the United States. So much history. It's incredible to be standing in the midst of that.

Then we hosted a lovely young lady from France named Cyrielle. She was very kind and polite. Cami spent about ten days with her family near Paris. They took her everywhere!! Disney, Notre Dame, castles, etc. They were extremely kind to her. What a fabulous exchange that was. 

This is Cyrielle in Disney World. 
This is Cami in France. Eating a waffle with chantilly. 

Now, it's September and Caleb is about to turn 18 years old. I need to go to probate court to get guardianship of him as well as social security to apply for SSI. So much to navigate when you have a mentally disabled child/adult. 

He still loves baseball!!

Simon started Tiger Cubs last week. Olaf takes both the boys to Cub Scouts. I'm a nervous wreck about Simon going because he is so far behind academically. He should be starting first grade, but he's going to be at least a year behind for awhile. He's at least a head taller than all the other boys in his pack, which makes it even worse that he's behind. He looks older than he is!

Josiah is in Webelos 2. He's a cute boy. Tall and thin with those dark eyes. 

This was his 11th day of school picture. I forgot to take a first day of school picture. He's yawning. 

Gracie's 11th day of school picture!! She's in Girl Scouts again this year and loves it. She's starting on her Silver Award.