Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long time...

First things first! On May 4th Simon turned two, and today is Grace's 8th birthday! My children are growing up. As a matter of fact, Camille wore make up today. Uh huh (nodding my head). A little mascara on the top lashes (which I had to put on for her) and some pretty blue eye liner. Ah, life is passing by so quickly.

Olaf was in the hospital 2 weeks ago for a staph infection. It was just for 24 hours to get IV antibiotics in him. The staph is still in his elbow and he is still on oral antibiotics. He feels like crap due to the steroids, but he is at work like usual. His heart beats really hard and he has tachycardia as well. Hopefully he will be off the steroids in the next three months. He is now on Imuran, so as that starts to take effect, his prednisone can begin to be lowered. His scalp still has lesions on it, but it looks so much better than it did in March. His mouth and throat are good right now.

One reason I rarely post here is because I am on Facebook so often and post any pertinent information there. If you are on Facebook, look me up. Oh, and Grace has a blog now so go leave her a comment and tell her Happy Birthday!