Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vacation and other things...

I know I rarely blog. I really don't have much to say anymore. I have stopped analyzing my life spiritually, and just begun to live in freedom. Because of that, there in no more inner turmoil or beating myself up for not being Godly enough. It sure is nice.

A very sweet Estonian college student has adopted us for the summer. She is here selling books for Southwestern, and works very, very long hours. She stops here every day of the week except Sunday which is her off day. We have grown to really love her and she is a part of our family now. We will definitely have to visit Estonia. If you don't know where Estonia is, look right below Finland on a map.

So, it's getting close to out annual vacation to Disney World. We are all counting down the days. This is the first time we will have to pay for Simon though. The big boy is three and now he needs a ticket. Even more exciting (if that is possible) is our vacation in 2011. If all works out as planned, we will be spending my 44th birthday in Hawaii at the new Disney Resort, Aulani. Go ahead. Click on it. It opens next year. :)

All of the children started school over a month ago. Camille is taking the College Prep High School Diploma through Ashworth College. It is a SACS accredited diploma, so she should be good to go with college and the Hope Scholarship. She is taking Algebra 1, Biology, Academic English (Literature), Vocabulary, Spanish 1, and her World History is on back order. So far, so good. Grace started fourth grade and Josiah started second. They are doing DVD's from ABeka. Caleb started school last Monday and is in the same class as last year. I cannot believe he will be FIFTEEN in just a few short weeks. Where did the time go??

Camille will be traveling to Japan next summer through the People to People Program. She is doing her best to raise money to help offset the cost. We go to an informational meeting in October. Let's hope she doesn't blow it this time. She has to keep a B average in school and not lie about anything. ::crosses fingers and knocks on wood::