Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We leave for Rome is just a few short weeks. It will be my first time out of the country. I am super excited and nervous too. Cami is in charge for a week and that is a lot of responsibility for a 17 year old young woman. Two butts to wipe, four dogs to care for, cooking and cleaning... So grateful she is so responsible and can do this for us. Then she'll go to Paris for two weeks in July on her IYE exchange. My 17 year old has been to New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain and now France. I am so happy that she likes to travel and is independent enough to go alone. Grace gets to begin IYE exchanges when she is 14. I think she'll be a world traveler as well. Speaking of Grace, she turns 12 this Thursday. Time marches on and I'm getting old. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mama got a new iPad

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my family bought me an iPad. My Mac is about six years old and full and getting slow. I love it still, but thought it would be fun to have an iPad. So, I asked for one. Yes, I know I am spoiled. Simon uses it more than I do so I am hoping he will want to play more educational stuff since the screen is bigger. 

The children are almost done with the school year. About a week left. Cami only has one class to finish high school! One class. It's precalculus, so it might take her all year to do. I need to look into dual enrollment and let her take a college course next year as well.  Maybe a composition class or something. As of now, she wants to major in English and perhaps get a job as an editor or write for the local paper.  

This is Kidani. She is huge. We covered the couch with blankets so she won't stink it up. She's very protective of the house and she is super scary when she barks at the UPS man or anyone else coming to the house.  We try to take her out as much as possible to make sure she stays socialized. We do not want a mean dog. She is about a year old now and still gets crazy and hates the cats. I need the Dog Whisperer to help me as I have no idea how to get her to NOT chase the cats. She is crazy with the other dogs as well. Bailey likes her, but until Bailey's spay incision is healed, I won't leave them alone together. No rough housing for her and Kidani tries to mount her. 
We have been in our house one year now. Still have boxes everywhere. I suck. 

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Look at Bailey now

She's happy and getting fatter! She is afraid of the leash so we are trying to get her used to it. I think someone must have used a leash and a collar to choke her. Poor girl. She loves Cami the most. Cami is the one that finally lured her into our yard the night before we called animal control. The picture on the left us the day we turned her in. The one on the right is today. Such a huge difference. She looks so happy.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's May

There is really no reason not to blog now that there is an app on my phone. Technology is crazy. What did we do before the Internet?

Cami just had a cyst cut out of her breast bone and next week gets all four wisdom teeth cut out. Poor girl. She only has one more subject to finish and she is done with high school. She's just finishing her junior year, so hopefully this pre-calculus class will take awhile. I won't let her go to college until she's 18.

We are picking up the dog we turned into animal control three weeks ago. She was spayed yesterday and I feel bad about keeping her outside, but we have no choice. Kidani is crazy and I'm not bringing her in the house. We've named her Bailey. Here is a photo we took if her the day we turned her in to Animal control.