Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mama got a new iPad

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my family bought me an iPad. My Mac is about six years old and full and getting slow. I love it still, but thought it would be fun to have an iPad. So, I asked for one. Yes, I know I am spoiled. Simon uses it more than I do so I am hoping he will want to play more educational stuff since the screen is bigger. 

The children are almost done with the school year. About a week left. Cami only has one class to finish high school! One class. It's precalculus, so it might take her all year to do. I need to look into dual enrollment and let her take a college course next year as well.  Maybe a composition class or something. As of now, she wants to major in English and perhaps get a job as an editor or write for the local paper.  

This is Kidani. She is huge. We covered the couch with blankets so she won't stink it up. She's very protective of the house and she is super scary when she barks at the UPS man or anyone else coming to the house.  We try to take her out as much as possible to make sure she stays socialized. We do not want a mean dog. She is about a year old now and still gets crazy and hates the cats. I need the Dog Whisperer to help me as I have no idea how to get her to NOT chase the cats. She is crazy with the other dogs as well. Bailey likes her, but until Bailey's spay incision is healed, I won't leave them alone together. No rough housing for her and Kidani tries to mount her. 
We have been in our house one year now. Still have boxes everywhere. I suck. 

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