Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This will be short and sweet...OK just short...because it's late and I need to get to bed. I posted my 100 things about me. The link is right under my profile in the sidebar. I'm still begging for people to put a pin in my guestmap. How about it Mary? Tammy? Tony? Penny? I know you're reading this!:)

We watched "The Amazing Race" this evening. That is a fun show but there is a real jerk on it. This guy os SO mean to his wife. I would personally like to strangle him and then hit her for being so stupid for hanging around!:) See, I told you this wouldn't be sweet.

My friend, Charity, had her baby this morning. She had a baby girl and named her Grace Natalie. She had her unassisted at home. Her husband caught the baby. How precious is that? Next time we get pregnant, I think we will go unassisted as well. I have her blog linked to mine, so keep checking it for the birth story.

Nighty night!

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