Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I gained

I weighed in last night even though I didn't stay for the meeting. I gained a pound. My period is due, so hopefully it's not a "true" gain! LOL! I know better though. I went grocery shopping last night. Olaf hates it when I get home because we don't have enough room in our fridge or freezer to put the food away! I feel guilty even writing that sentence because so many people have nothing and we live in abundance. I spent $150 total and bought a lot of junk food that was on sale. That total includes diapers, wipes, cat litter, cat food, and a host of other things aren't edible. I must say the best thing about coupon shopping is NOT going to WalMart. I don't miss going there in the least. I do not like crowds, but will tolerate them for the sake of my family i.e. Disney World! If I can avoid them, I will. Mostly because people drive me insane. I'm a type A kind of gal. Let's go in, get it done, and do it fast. I have no desire to dawdle and meander. Yep, I'm a perfectionist. That certainly isn't news to any of you who know me.

I have SO much to do before Christmas comes. I haven't even started wrapping presents. I need to send packages to our out of town relatives. I'm out of Scotch Tape. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of it all. Christmas isn't supposed to be this way.

I need to list some more stamps on ebay. I just spent my earnings from the last batch on my WW membership. I buy the 10 weeks for $99. I'll probably need to buy another 10 weeks before I make my goal weight and become lifetime. I know if I don't have the accountability I'll let my self slowly slip into my old habits. That isn't saying much for my self control.

Josiah did not nap today. I hope he doesn't want to take one at 6 pm. We'll be in for a long night if that happens. He pooped on the potty again today. What a big boy! I have never had a child potty train this early. He asks to go on the potty if it's poo, but he could care less about pee. Although, Olaf hasn't showed him the whole "stand up" thing yet either!;)

Oh, I have a funny Gracie story... Olaf was scolding her for trying reach for something breakable and she just wouldn't let up. After a couple times of him saying, "Grace, don't touch that!" he finally sent her to her room. On her way to the bedroom she passed Caleb in the hall. We heard her tell him, "You go touch it." Olaf looks at me in complete disbelief and says to me, "Who is she? John Gotti running the mob from prison?" The way he said it made me laugh so hard. His New York accent came out when he said it and I was rolling. Gracie, needless to say, will be the one to watch as she grows up.

OK, need to get busy. I could blog all day, but alas, motherhood calls!


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