Friday, December 17, 2004

Another late night. We wrapped a few Christmas presents this evening. We still have many more to go. When you have four children, and are wrapping presents from the grandparents, and wrapping every little stocking stuffer...whew! We'll be wrapping until December 23rd! On Christmas night I am sure we will be furiously wrapping Josiah's birthday presents as well.

Olaf went to DHL and sent our out-of-town packages today. $5.25 for overnight! He gets a Delta discount. That is way cheaper than the PO. He sent a package to Germany for $15.75. It should get there Monday or Tuesday. It's so fun to get a deal. Speaking of that...

I need to go grocery shopping really bad. Maybe this weekend.

Grace has been waking up with bad dreams again. She thinks there is bugs in her bed. She wakes up screaming a few times every night. Olaf doesn't know which way is up when that happens. He stumbles around looking at his alarm and batting the air. What a dork!

Caleb is home from school. He didn't ask to eat too much today. BUT, everytime I went into the kitchen he followed me in there. I'd just point toward the living room and he'd turn around and leave. The kids all get so wound up when he's home. He is so hyper and that revs up everyone else. You'd think Camille would be old enough not to get so hyper with him. Not so my friends. She can be the loudest in the bunch.

I took supper to Charity this evening and saw her baby. I love newborns. They make the funniest faces and are so....well...scrunchy! I held her for about 20 minutes. It was nice. I wanted to smell her, but I thought that may be a little weird.

I started my jogging routine this evening. I really want to be able to run in a road race (even if it's just a mile fun run) by Labor Day Weekend. So, I took Olaf's watch, and walked then jogged, then walked then jogged, for 20 minutes. I hope to be able to eventually jog the entire time. Sharalyn just happened to give me a book all about running today. It was perfect timing. I grew up in the running capital of the United States. Eugene, Oregon, home of the University of Oregon. Well known for it's track program...and hippies!:) And marijuana...

OK, I need to get to bed. Olaf is standing behind me rubbing my shoulders. He actually fell asleep standing here. He was STANDING and he fell asleep! Do your husband's do that????? This man can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Amazing.


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