Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Today was just another day. Camille got her school done. She had a dress rehersal for choir today and then they took photos afterwards. Olaf picked her up after work. We had baked ziti for supper. It's easy and good. I have been playing with the Works Spreadsheet because I am in charge of the Pizza Kit Fundraiser for Cami's choir this year. I have never done a spreadsheet before in my life, so I need to figure it out. Olaf says he can help me. I'm grateful for that. The Fundraiser isn't until the spring, but I'm so anal about things. I wish I had more computer skills. I took woodshop instead! LOL! Dovetail joint? No problem.

Josiah woke up with a bruised nose bridge and swollen eyes. I am hoping it's just an injury that I don't know about. We are going to watch it for a few days and see how it goes. Grace has to go back for a recheck on her ears Tuesday. We are going to Dr. Osako instead of Dr. H. She doesn't like any doctor, but Dr. H is her all time worse fear. I guess it's because he wears that thing on his head with the big light. It probably scares her.

That's it for today. Fairly mundane...

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