Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Homeschool Digest

I cannot communicate through written word well. You can tell that by reading my blog. My thought process is analytical. I am a math and science kind of girl. Not creative at all. I have lost a good friend due to my inability to write effectively. That is how poorly I communicate via the written word. So, I am really in awe of those people that can emote in words on a page. If you click the links in the sidebar to some of those blogs that I read....WOW! Go ahead! Try Dana or Stacy or Cheri. I'm amazed. Back to my point (you see how good I am?) Homeschool Digest is a magazine that I take time to read. The editor, Skeet Savage, wrote a great article called "The Truth Will Set You Free." It is about the Biblical standard of truth and not being deceived into believeing that the Word of God can be twisted to mean anything at all-or merely ignored altogether. But what hit me was this paragraph, "Hard hearts and hard heads seem to reside within the same bodies. The surest protection against being carried away and enslaved by the merciless bondage of deception--including self-deception--is to maintain a humble and contrite spirit whereby the Holy Spirit is able to deliver you from the isolating chains that are formed by the deceitfulness of satan's lies, and from the cold, dark prison of false belief and wrong assumptions." It was convicting to me because I'm the one with the hard head and the prideful heart. I have deceived MYSELF into wrong thinking. No one else deceived me. Just plain ole me. Humility is what I desire. I just suck at it!:) Saying I'm sorry to a friend is so easy. Saying I'm sorry to my husband is SO hard. Humbling myself before a stranger, piece of cake. Humbling myself before my children, much harder. Gulp! Pray for me. Pax Christi.

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Stacey said...

i think you express just fine. ((hugs)) And yes, humbling ourselves in front of people we know...and love...isn't it amazing how hard it is?