Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I voted!

I voted today. I waited until about 3:30 and didn't have a line at all. I drove by my polling place at 8:10 am and the line was outside and around the corner! I drove by again at 11:00 am and the same thing. At 3:30, I walked right up with no one in front of me.

Tomorrow Caleb has a well visit at the pediatrician. I want him to get the flu shot because of his immune system being weakened. I am hoping that by immunizing him, it will protect our family as well. He goes to public school and is in contact with a lot of children. Olaf took the day off so I only have to take him in without the other children.

I am so tired. The news is on behind me doing a play by play of the election results. I think I'll be in bed before the president is announced.

We went to CiCi's tonight. Oh, I don't like going there. It's so easy to overeat. I ate three pieces of pizza and a salad. I also ate 2 of those cinnamon rolls. I didn't do so good, huh? I really need to make up for it with exercise this week.


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