Friday, November 05, 2004

Finally Friday!

My husband is home from work and giving the littles a bath as I write. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so we plan on heading down to Callway Gardens. We may do some biking while we are there. The high is supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny.

Last night at the Bible Study, my friends celebrated my birthday. It was so sweet. Tammy Pitts gave me "Stepping Heavenward" from Lamplighter Publishing. I cannot wait to read it. Charity gave me some flavored coffee. I am going to make some this evening after the children go to bed. Krista and Ms. Mike gave me a lovely ceramic plaque with the Serenity Prayer on it. Krista also gave me some quick bread mix from Williams-Sonoma. Suzanne gave me a prayer journal that is just beautiful. They made some great refreshments which included Tammy Pitts' cookies. Yes, I have eaten WAY too much this week. I just can't resist Tammy's cookies. It's so nice to have such wonderful friends. The things they worte in their cards was so kind and humbling. I am very blessed to have every one of them in my life.

My throat is a bit sore and I'm not sure why. Please, oh please Lord, no more sickness. Olaf has had a sore throat for over a month now.

Notice the tag board! Tag me if you want to. Just type in a message and it'll pop up there. When I see it, I'll tag you back! FUN! Gotta love this blog thing. I changed my graphics too. These are also from Graphic Garden for free. These talented people share their graphics just for a link back to their website. Very nice indeed.

I sure hope Caleb's bus driver is on the route Monday. This has been a crazy week running him to school and back.


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