Monday, November 22, 2004


This is my fourth, yes fourth, time trying to post on my blog. I have typed the same information so many times, I'm sick of doing it!:) In a nutshell:

Fernbank was worth every penny...nothing! Evolution abounds, but some stuff was fun and educational. It's hard going to a museum with little ones and a mentally challenged son. It would have cost $54 for our family to get in. I am so happy it was free.

Today Camille has a two hour choir practice. I am hoping someone else can bring her home. Caleb's bus is unpredictable and I don't want the bus to beat me home. Especially since today he had a sub driver and she was on time this morning. That is rare.

Josiah has slept part of the night in his bed the past two nights. Hallelujah! I have to admit, I do miss cuddling with him. When he cries in the middle of the night I scoop him up and put him in bed with us. I am enjoying every minute of my "baby." I don't know if the Lord will bless us again.

I gained weight this week. It caught up with me! Check my weight loss blog tomorrow to see how much.

Need to get school done before choir. I am hoping this posts...

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