Sunday, October 31, 2004

Daylight Savings Ends....YUCK!

We really don't like it when we have to "fall behind" with the time change. Most people get an extra hour of sleep, but not us! Caleb wakes up at 5 am every morning, so now he wakes up at 4 am. We actually like the "spring ahead" time change much better.

The toilet in the hall bathroom broke tonight. The handle snapped and the valve isn't working. Olaf is fixing it as I write this. The children are going absolutely nuts behind me. The decible level in this house could compete with a rock concert right now. They are having fun though. The house just shakes as they run through it. I am so grateful that my children play so well together.

We don't participate in Halloween, so we have turned the light off and covered the oval window in our front door. I also hung a sign on the door that says "No Candy" just in case some kids come up to a completely dark house. Our doorbell is disconnected, and so far no one has knocked. Grace doesn't even know there is such a thing as Halloween. I'm grateful for that. Caleb has been doing Halloween things since the beginning of October in public school. I am so glad it's over for this year.

Well, I need to run and get my children into bed. Please sign my guestbook or e-mail me to let me know you've been here! Thanks so much!

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