Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend Update

The weather was gorgeous yesterday so we took the children to the local park. After that we took a "drive" out into the country where there are mansions and horse farms. It was lovely. The children were bored stiff though. Somehow we ended up at the library and Camille checked out seven (that's all I would allow for a two week period) Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I checked out the autobiography of Bill Bright and James Dobson's book about raising boys. Disclaimer...I don't agree with James Dobson on A LOT of stuff. I just heard the book was good. I despise the psychobabble crapola that Mr. Dobson is predisposed to. Just FYI. Anyway, after the library we went out to eat at Golden's and then went to DQ for a treat. It was a very good day. I am not sure what we will do today. I know Olaf wants to go back to Costco to use a coupon for some recordable DVD's. Survivor starts Thursday and he needs to record them for me since that is Bible Study night. Sometimes I wish we could afford digital cable through our provider because then we could do the digital recording thing. You know, like Tivo.

Camille's riding lesson went really well. Lauren, the young lady giving lessons, was incredibly mature and worked well with Camille. They still are not sure what they will charge, but I did tell her mother what we could afford to pay. Hopefully I didn't insult her. They are raising four cows for beef. No hormones, pasture roaming, grain fed. I told her I want some of that meat when they butcher them. I actually told her I could sell all four cows for her with no problems, but I think she already has them sold. The are not due to be slaughtered until fall. Until then I get to look at them and get attached every week. They are really cute right now. The horse Camille rode is an Spotted Saddle Horse. It has one extra gait. He definitely had a much smoother walk and trot then the last horse she was riding. She looked very comfortable on him. It amazes me that she can go from one horse to another and the horse obeys her. Camille is very timid in every aspect of her life EXCEPT when it comes to horses.

Hey Tammy Redding! Thank you for leaving a comment. I had NO idea you still read my blog. I miss your bubbly personality. I do not miss walking in San Francisco though.

Off to get dressed to start this day.

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