Friday, January 27, 2006

I am so happy it is Friday

Don't you just love Friday's? I do because I know my husband will be home for two days.

I am taking Camille to meet a 16 year old homeschooled young lady today to see about taking riding lessons from her. I am not sure if I posted on here, but Cami's riding instructor decided to quit. I called her after Christmas to see when she was going to start lessons again and she said, "I'm not doing lessons anymore." Uh...OK...Whatever. So I sent out a plea to our homeschool e-mail loop and had a few people respond. The ideal was to have a young girl teach Camille because we cannot afford a stable. Stables cost about $65 per hour for a private lesson. I want to pay $15 for an hour! I'm not too sure what this young woman wants to charge. I guess I'll find that out today. Our monthly limit is $60 so if she charges $20 per hour Camille will be able to go three times a month.

Please pray for Karen. I don't think they have updated the website yet, but she is being put into a drug induced menopause to try to "starve" her cancer of estrogen. The doctor said that chemotherapy is not an option right now since Karen has such adverse reactions to it. The doctor wants Karen to have some quality of life. Karen is upset about having to throw her body in menopause. Please pray for them. This is a tough time. I hate cancer.

I need to get dressed. Molly is coming over today and here I sit all morning-y.

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