Sunday, January 15, 2006

Love, love, love Sundays

We always spend Sundays doing something as a family. Today we went to return something to Toys R Us which meant spending half an hour playing with the Thomas trains. Then we went to this great family owned pizza buffet. They have pizza like baked potato, BLT (yes it is yummy), chicken, etc. They also have these terrific desserts. After we ate way too much we went to Kohls so the children could get some new shoes. My children only have one pair of shoes. Sneakers (or tennis shoes depending on where you live). We do not have dress shoes of any sort unless someone gives them to us as hand me downs. Not that I am against dress shoes, but we never dress up!:0) Anyway, three of the children had outgrown their sneakers and Kohls was having a sale. My poor children were in shoes at least a half size too small. I bought Camille some boot type shoes for riding since she had outgrown her paddock boots about 6 months ago. On the way home we stopped at Blockbuster because we had a gift card. Now we are home and Caleb is complaining that he is hungry. That is impossible because the child ate 73 pieces of pizza and a bowl of ice cream!

Last night I had this wonderful dream that I was pregnant and gave birth to a BIG baby girl. I didn't want to wake up. At Kohls they had a bunch of infant clothes on clearance. I couldn't resist. My SIL is pregnant and I bought several things for her baby. They are gender neutral though since they are not finding out the sex before the birth. I LOVE buying baby clothes. Especially on clearance!

Camille and I finished yet another Nancy Drew computer game. I am so addicted now. I am probably the only adult that likes these games, but they are right up my alley.

Josiah is doing really good on the potty. He needs his privacy so he always tells us "Go away!" when we sit him down.

Well, Grace just knocked over the garbage can in the kitchen and Olaf is a rocket. I need to go referee.

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