Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm still in pain

My gallbladder is still "burning". Hmmm...maybe I should go to the doctor. It's not contracting anymore though. Just a constant burning type pain. It doesn't get worse when I eat which makes me wonder if it's my gallbladder at all. HELP!?!?! Olaf is convinced it is just because I'm fat. And he means that in the most loving way. hee hee. He blames all of his own ailments on his fatness too, so I can't be mad at him. It's true. We are both fat. Not phat, but F-A-T.

I go back to Bible Study tomorrow night. We are still going through Home-Making by J.R. Miller. Excellent book. Definitely a "must read" Cheri. You will be blessed.

We listed a few more Narnia things on Ebay. We have a few more things to list as well. We have two more T-Shirts and a couple of tote bags. Like the one I gave you Cheri. (I just blog for Cheri! LOL!) You can see our items here.

I need to go think about supper. I'm not sure if I'll get past that stage. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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