Sunday, January 22, 2006

Olaf is feeling better

Praise the Lord! Keep praying for him as he has a lot of health issues that never seem to get any better. He will be following up with his doctor this week.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Olaf has taken the day off so we can spend a few hours together without children. Caleb will go to school and the other three are going over to my friend Terri's house. That's Molly's mom for those of you familiar with Camille's best friend. We are not sure what we will do but I am sure it will involve eating lunch somewhere. We just may come home and sleep then entire time. That actually sounds like a pretty good date to me.

I took Camille to Narnia again this evening. She has now seen the movie thrice and I have seen it twice. It was actually better the second time. I could just watch it without expecting so much. I fell in love with Mr. Tumnus tonight. He seems like such a nice faun. There was a preview at the beginning for Pirates of the Caribbean part 2. We recently watched the first one on DVD and I hated the fact that I really liked it. You see, I used to refuse to watch Johnny Depp movies because he is such a liberal fool. But I really wanted to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I rented it through Blockbuster Online. Loved it. Better than the first one in my opinion. The little boy who plays Charlie is such a cutie. And Johnny Depp was FABULOUS in it. So, we rented Pirates of the Caribbean. Another great movie. I really enjoyed Johnny Depp's character yet again. ARRRGHH! I don't want to like him! So then I rented Finding Neverland and now I'm hooked. (HA HA! Hooked! Total pun and not intentional. Get it? Captain Hook?) Anyway, I want to see the new Pirates in the theater. And please do not tell me about Johnny because I really don't want to know.

Off to watch the Seahawks. I'm not a huge NFL fan but the Seahawks always sucked when I was a kid. Losers of all losers. It's kind of fun to watch them win.

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