Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday WOOTY!

Olaf took today off. I let him sleep in until 10 am at which time I instructed the girls to go wake him up. After he rolled out of bed we went out for breakfast/lunch at Cracker Barrel. We can only go out to a restaurant when Caleb is at school. Caleb has too many sensory issues for us to eat in a restaurant. Anyway, the van wouldn't start so we all squished into Olaf's Toyota Echo. Turns out our battery was dead and the throttle body needed to be greased or lubed or whatever it is that you do to a throttle body. It runs great now. We still have a check engine light on but we know it's an oxygen sensor and it really doesn't affect anything except gas mileage. We just had an oxygen sensor go bad a few months ago and it cost $300 to replace.

I have been playing Camille's Nancy Drew computer games. They are so fun. We have completed four (yes four) since Christmas. They are addictive though, so I will not buy anymore until her birthday! I just finished Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon today. The hardest thus far has been Shadow Ranch though.

Olaf is watching the movie Gladiator right now. It's a great movie but I cannot watch all the blood and guts. So I sit here at the computer and listen to it and then turn around for any interesting parts that I actually want to see.

I still haven't started exercising or watching what I eat for that matter. Right now I am too content I guess. It would help if Olaf would say, "Woman! Lose some weight!" But he doesn't. He tells me I am as attractive right now as I was 60 pounds ago! He lurves me.

Caleb broke the laundry room door today. He was spinning and got dizzy and ran smack into it sending it off the rails and crashing into the wall. Olaf was a rocket to say the least. I was so happy he didn't hurt my new washer and dryer. Oh that would have really sucked.

I am not sure what this weekend will bring for us, but I hope y'all have a good one.

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