Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My anniversary is coming

Next Monday is my anniversary. I have no idea what I should buy Olaf. No idea whatsoever. Do you have any ideas? E-mail them to me instead of commenting because he reads my blog. Eighteen years I have been married to this man. Eighteen. I cannot believe I am old enough to have been married that long. If we would have conceived soon after we got married then we could have a 17 year old child right now! How is that for weird? I need to take a digital picture (since I don't have a scanner) of our wedding day. We eloped so there was no formal wedding. I wore this (ahem) not-so-modest dress that I used to wear to the night clubs in technical school. Olaf wore a silver/gray sport jacket and pink dress shirt with a skinny tie. Very Miami Vice. Yes, we were children - of the 80's.

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