Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wanna see?

Can you say Duet?

Yes, this is my new Duet. If Olaf would have spent the same amount of money on a diamond ring for me, I'd be wearing a lot of bling. He said when the jeweler offers 12 months no interest he would consider it! LOL! Anyhoo, I did ALL of our laundry including sheets today in three loads! Laundry for six people that hasn't been done for 6 days! The dryer took 35 minutes for each load with the exception of the load with all the sheets. I had to add about 10 more minutes to that one. My children sat in front of the washer and watched it for a good 10 minutes. I love doing laundry, so this is fun for me.

My gallbladder is still wonky. It isn't as bad as yesterday, but it comes and goes now.

My husband is awaiting word if he will still be a foreman when this new round of layoffs hits Delta. He was one of the last foreman hired in avionics and it is possible that he could be bumped down to lead mechanic again. Hang on folks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I have a new lurve. Vanilla Coke. I mean, I have had it in the past and then forgot about it. I tried Diet Vanilla but it just isn't the same. Coke also has out a new Black Cherry Vanilla. I haven't tried that one yet. I just don't like to drink calories. I think it is such a waste. So, I usually go for the Diet Coke and EAT my calories. I will drink calories if it Coffeemate Toasted Almond Creamer or an adult beverage!:)

I have to post a picture of the shirt I am wearing. Hang on while I take it...

Olaf got it for me for Christmas. If you have't seen Napoleon Dynamite, you really must!

So, that's it from the nut house! The children are going crazy behind me and I need (like absolutely have to) go clean the bathrooms.

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