Saturday, December 17, 2005

Narnia AGAIN

Olaf and Camille went to Narnia again today. Olaf said he enjoyed it today more than the first time. McDonalds has Narnia Happy Meal Toys so I'm sure we'll eat there a bazillion times the next few weeks. He bought the entire set on Friday from one of the local McDonalds and I bought a set off ebay. One is for the children to play with and one is to keep in original packages. He wants the Narnia action figures that you can only purchase through Disney Stores, but not a lot of stores carry them. I tried to order them through the Walt Disney World Resorts personal shopper, but they wouldn't let me. Of course they are on ebay and a set of six sold for $80! They only cost $8 each retail. These figures are not made by Hasbro like the figures you can buy at Toys R Us. They are produced exclusively for Disney. So, if you are reading this and see Narnia figures in the Disney Store, I'll buy 2 sets from you!

I went Christmas shopping for Olaf last night and came home empty handed. I don't think he is going to have any presents to open this year besides a Napoleon Dynamite DVD! And he knows about that one already. So much for the element of surprise!

We are going to Callaway Gardens tomorrow night for the Fantasy in Lights show. My children (minus Caleb) enjoy it. Caleb just tolerates it. Who am I kidding! Caleb just tolerates anything we do as a family. As soon as we get to a destination (any destination) he says, "Mama home!"

I MUST go grocery shopping tomorrow before Callaway. Our cupboards are bare! No bread, no milk, no nada! Off to print my grocery list and cut coupons.

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