Friday, December 30, 2005

It's almost the New Year

2006 is just a few days away. Amazing. It really is true that once you have children, the days seem to fly by. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be.

Olaf and I were really excited when my period was three days late. We thought maybe, just maybe, the Lord had blessed us again with a baby. But alas, she reared her ugly head and we were disappointed. The infertility roller coaster is never fun. Even if you already have children, the longing and yearning for another baby is still real. Time is no longer on my side. So, would you put us on your personal prayer list and pray that the Lord opens my womb again?

My friend had her baby last night. (Ironic that I start my period yesterday and she has her baby.) He was much bigger than her other two weighing in at 9 lbs 2 oz. He came 12 days early according to her due date. She tried to have him at home but got too tired and went to the hospital for the epidural so she could push more effectively. I guess she had a cervical lip and couldn't push through it at home. She had her other children at home with no problem. Maybe it was because they were smaller??? I dunno.

Olaf has asked me to go to Paris with him for an Avionics conference in April. Unfortunately, we have no one that would come stay with our children for a week. My mom will not fly (she hasn't even seen Grace or Josiah) and I don't know who else to ask. It's not an easy task. Caleb requires more attention than normal since he could have a seizure etc. He is also up at 5 am, so I need someone kind and compassionate. Someone like Ms. Martha. She is the pastor's wife of the church we used to attend. We love her. Anyway, Olaf will probably go alone although he says he doesn't want to go without me. Yeah, right! I'd be out the door before you could say escargot! With or without him!:0) Just background in case you don't know me in real life, we have never left our children. EVER! I mean at the same time. If I go somewhere he stays home and vice versa. So, in the ten years that we have had children we have never had a night apart from them ... alone ... together. We have had just a few "dates" away from them. We may go out once a year. Usually on or near our anniversary which is January 23rd. (Eighteen years I might add!) The last time we went out on a date was in June. We saw the new Star Wars for Father's Day. So you can imagine that a whole week away from the children is hard for me to think of. And since it's not going to happen....I'll stop rambling.

I just did a spell check and it suggested I change escargot to Eucharist. Snails to the Lord's Supper. And besides "Olaf" and "dunno" which I spelled wrong on purpose, I am OK. Oh, and it doesn't recognize the word "blog" which is hilarious since this is a blog afterall.

Here I go to start this beautiful Friday!

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