Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 in review

January - Celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary. Went out on a date with my husband. Our women's Bible Study was doing "Calm My Anxious Heart". Saw Dennis Swanberg in concert. Went to a Homeschool Winter Tea. Had a rare ice storm in Georgia. Olaf took a 10% pay cut.

February - Everyone except Caleb was sick with the flu. He got the shot!:)

March - Started doing the FIRM. Camille turned nine. Caleb's spring baseball season started. Caleb's spring horse riding therapy started. Olaf's back completely locked up for a few days. I got my hair layered a bit.

April - Caleb competed in the Special Olympics. He also had spring break that month.

May - I had a root canal. Went to the GA Homeschool Conference. Olaf went to the cardiologist for testing. Everything was fine, praise God! Camille had her homeschool choir performance. Grace turned four. My friend, Karen, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Last day of school for Caleb.

June - I went on antibiotics for some ailment. Registered for the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in honor of Karen. Had my yearly GYN appointment. Went to the dentist for my crown that didn't fit. Took Josiah to the doctor for tachycardia.

July - Camille started 4th grade! Shasta, our cat, went to the Emergency Vet for what turned out to be an abscess. Olaf interviewed for a foreman position. Stopped doing the FIRM! LOL!

August - Olaf found out he made foreman. Caleb started school. Fall baseball started for Caleb and Camille. I am training for my 3 Day Walk. Got a crown that fit.

September - Olaf went to Germany for five days. Caleb turned 10. Another pay cut announced. We went to the county fair. Olaf turned 37.

October - The 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk! I met Cheri and Holly from Women at Home! That was SO awesome.

November - I turned 38. Chantell got married. Took another 9% pay cut. (That's 19% total in less than a year!)

December - Josiah turned three. My friend, Jeannie, had a baby boy! My girls got their ears pierced. My friend Tammy from high school sent my children Christmas presents. I got a new digital camera and a new washer and dryer is being delivered today thanks to 12 months no interest, 10% off, and free delivery! My washer can only wash on the heavy duty cycle and it is tearing up our clothes.

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