Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am having way too much fun...

Olaf and I are addicted to ebay! We have sold a few sets of Disney Store Narnia action figures in the last two days and thus far have made a profit of $150 with more sales pending. Gotta love that! Disney Stores are just now starting to get these action figures in and they are hard to find. We went to a mall about 40 minutes away and bought six sets. Two to keep and four to sell. We sold two complete sets (6 figures each) and listed the other two sets as individual pieces. One set of six sold with Buy It Now for $155! We paid $60. The other full set currently has a bid of about $112 and the auction doesn't end for three more days. We sold a few individual pieces for a Buy It Now price of $30. This gravy train won't last long though. As more people see the easy money to be made (maybe someone reading this right now) the market will be flooded and we'll be screwed. So, now I kindly ask if you are going to sell these items will you please wait until ours end? :0)

Camille said the cutest thing yesterday. We were in the van going to the mall (for action figures) and she said, "Mom. I caught Papa right handed!" She meant red handed. I laughed at her cuteness. She is nine years old and she still says things like that.

To expound on the ear piercing stories... We went to Callaway Gardens Sunday night for Fantasy in Lights. Well, the only time slot available was 8 pm and we got there at 4 pm to purchase tickets. We decided to drive into LaGrange to eat and kill some time. We went to this little mall in LaGrange and there was a Claire's. I asked Grace if she wanted to get her ears pierced because she had told me in the past that she wanted to. Get this. She wanted to get her ears pierced just to see how bad it hurt. She already wants to take her cute little earrings out of her ears because she felt the pain and that's all she wanted. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! Anyway, I asked Camille while we were there if she wanted to get her ears pierced. She, being just the opposite of Grace, said no way. She was afraid of the pain. Monday I had to go to WalMart for some Christmas stuff and Camille said she wanted to get her ears pierced there. She hesitated a bit, almost cried, then decided that she would. She finally did and she is in heaven with her pretty earrings.

I cannot believe that Christmas is just a few days away. Josiah will be three years old in four more days. He is my only child that hasn't been fully potty trained by this age. He likes his Pull-Ups to pee in. He is real good about going poo in the potty though. In a few more weeks I'll take away the Pull-Ups and have a few days of peeing in his big boy undies. It shouldn't take long. (I just realized I am blogging about poo and pee. I hope you are a mom if you are reading this!)

I need to get my children some breakfast. Have a great day.

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