Monday, April 30, 2007

Cervical Dilation and such...

If you don't want to read about my cervix, then just close the window right now.

After doing some web research, buying sterile gloves and lubricating jelly, Olaf has learned how to check my cervix for dilation. Pretty cool if you ask me. He checked me on Saturday and said I was 2 cm. He checked me this afternoon and said I am 4 cm. Woo Hoo! He said it is so cool to feel the baby's head right there. He can feel the pulse through his soft spot. We have those stacking cup toys and Olaf can tell me how many cm the opening is just with his fingers, so I know he is fairly accurate on my cervix:) I wonder if labor will go fast once it starts, or will my water break again before I have a contraction? Only time will tell I suppose.

I bought the cutest signature tag from Susie's Graphics. I will change my tag on every post when I have Simon. Here is a preview:

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She also did my pregnant sig tag that is on the blog right now. All of her signature tags are adorable. Go check them out.

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