Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cough, cough, hack, hack

That is how I sound all day. Then I wheeze and gurgle to top it all off. I had insomnia last night too. I was awake until 4:00 am. Now that just stinks.

My dog, Ella, isn't doing too good. I think her time here on earth is short. I am not sure what the problem is, but she will yelp for no reason whatsoever. I think it's time for the big needle and doggie heaven.

My baby shower this this Saturday night. That should be fun. Hopefully noone will mind that I am coughing all over them. I hope I am not contagious, but I don't know for sure. Maybe I should wear a mask. What do you think Charity? I think I may take my girls with me, but I am not certain. We'll see... I know I need to wear some make-up though as I want pictures.

I have eaten more than my fair share of minature Snickers since Easter Sunday. You know those little tiny square ones? I eat like four at a time, then forget I have already eaten four and have four more an hour later. I go through about 16 a day! Honestly. I'll be glad when they are gone. My children don't like the Snickers, but they like the Milky Way and Three Muskateers that came in the same bag. Guess who gets the Snickers?

I got Grace's first grade books today. It brought back memories of doing first grade with Camille. Camille has been doing school with Olaf for a few weeks now. Our relationship is MUCH better:) He has her reading an American History book that was written in 1888. It is called "A History of the United States and its People" by Edward Eggleston. We have old history books that we bought off Ebay a long time ago. It is inscribed with very fancy penmanship with the owner's name and date. It says: Fred Richardson. South Livingston. March 20th, 1894.

Tonight is LOST. Woo Hoo! I wonder what Juliette is up to?

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