Monday, April 02, 2007

No carpet

Of course, there had to be a screw up in the carpet appointment. They are coming tomorrow instead of today. Oh well...

This week is Spring Break for Caleb. Tomorrow I am going to keep track of how often he asks me to eat. Just for fun:0) I wish there were year round school for children with special needs. He loves to go and be entertained. Being home is so boring for him because my life cannot revolve around him alone. I am not the mom who has planned activites and outings. I am a homebody that doesn't like to take my children anywhere because I fear the stomach virus and any other germ that may make us sick.

How much of a germophobe am I?

  • Hand sanitizer in my purse and van.
  • Anti bacterial wipes in my purse and van.
  • I will not use my hands to open a public door. Only my hip.
  • Before I use a grocery cart I go to the Lysol aisle and completely spray the entire cart down. To get to said aisle, I cover my hands with my sleeves or a coat so as not to touch it.
  • I wash my hands more than you do.
  • I spray Lysol on my own toilets everyday.
  • Lord help the child that gets the stomch virus at our home. They are quarantined to my bedroom and bathroom and not allowed out!
  • The stomach virus is only spread through poo and puke. So, if you have the stomach virus you have ingested someone else's poo or vomit. Now that, my friends, is just nasty.

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