Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

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It's been a great morning so far. The children got their Easter baskets with new Bibles (a new devotional for Camille), found a TON of candy Easter eggs that Papa hid, and had a pancake and bacon breakfast.

We really need to move the furniture into the basement. It should have been done yesterday but it took ALL DAY (literally over 8 hours) for Olaf to paint the doors. I have no idea why. I wish I weren't pregnant so I could get down there and do it myself. The problem is there are so many heavy boxes to move out of the way before you can get to the furniture. In my mind I would just move the boxes and push out the furniture, but in Olaf's mind it isn't that simple. He has to rearrange another part of the storage area so he can put the boxes that need to be moved into the area he just rearranged. Then he will have to sweep, and possibly mop, the concrete floor before he can push the couch into the living area. At that time he will have to vacuum and wash the couch before putting on the slip cover that we bought for it. The cover will take him exactly three hours to put on because every seam will have to be perfectly aligned before he tries to figure out a way to keep it in place. This will require a trip to Lowe's in order to buy upholstery pins only to remember that today is Easter Sunday and Lowe's isn't open. Because he HAS to do the pins before he can progress any further, the day will end with the couch being pushed back into storage and waiting for next weekend. All in all, he will spend 8 hours to move the couch out only to push it back in. You would think after nineteen years of marriage this wouldn't bother me anymore. Heh...not so.

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