Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Grace was better after 24 hours. I am thankful for that. Last night Josiah woke up at 11:30 pm with stomach cramps so we moved him up to our bed. He never threw up and seems just fine this morning. So far, so good. It has officially been 48 hours since Grace started puking, so maybe...hopefully...we are safe.

My friend, Stephanie, sent me the cutest onesies. She hand embroidered them. She also created notepads with our family's name on them. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness my friend.

I haven't posted any pictures of the girl's room now that it is finished.

Yes, Josiah still sleeps with them. He doesn't want to sleep with Caleb. We are hoping that once we get the girl's old room painted blue and have a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff in there, he'll want to move...but I doubt it. He loves Camille too much. He has outgrown his toddler bed, but what can I do? I am not moving another twin in there and letting him think he can share their room forever.

Olaf did get the furniture moved into the family room. I haven't taken a picture yet, but it looks fine. Our next project is to clean out all of the toys and junk from the girl's old room. Not an easy task...

I am coughing and wheezing horribly again. I really want a CT Scan on my lungs after this baby comes. I have been coughing non-stop since December. I am scared that it is something horrible of course.

I had an OB appointment yesterday. Baby is still oblique so she scheduled an ultrasound for next Thursday. If he doesn't move head down, and depending on where the cord is, we may have to schedule a C-Section. That is my worst fear. I am praying he engages in my pelvis soon. And for all of you expecting photos of Simon once he is born...just a heads up. I have really ugly babies. It is true. They look like aliens. You do not have to say "He is so cute" because, quite honestly, I know that he probably will not be. A blessing? Absolutely! Cute? Ummm...no. Once my babies fatten up a bit, then they start to get cute.

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