Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wonder of wonders....

miracles of miracles...(are you singing yet?) I love the soundtrack for Fiddler on the Roof but that's beside the point. The miracle is the basment guy is finally here. He said he would be here between 8-9 am so me, being the prompt person that I am, assumed he would be here between 8 and 9 am. I guess between 8 and 9 am in contractor time is "whenever I get there, lady." Although they are here, I have yet to hear a pound, or a saw, or any sort of noise besides voices. I will post pictures as they progress through the construction. It should be fun to see how fast it comes together.

I found a free program online for spelling words. It's for grades 1-5. Camille loves it. The children still have to write the words on paper, but there are games and tests as well. You can customize each lesson with your own words or use their lists. Check it out. I also use Enchanted Learning a lot for Grace and Josiah.

Cami has piano lessons today. Thankfully it is only 6 minutes from my house and the lesson is only half an hour. We do not own a piano but we do have a large keyboard that she practices on. She really doesn't like piano, but I am going to make her take lessons for at least two years to get the basics down. I want her to know how to read music just in case she ever wants to pick up another instrument in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I had a big scare this morning. Every morning Olaf e-mails me from his pager to tell me he has arrived safely to work. Well, there was no e-mail this morning. So, I paged him but the page never arrived at his pager. (You can tell that online) So, I called his office. No answer. By now I am flipping out thinking he had an accident on the road. So, I call the only other Delta phone number I can remember which is his old shop that he was in before he made foreman. Thankfully a voice I recognized answered the phone and I asked him to go see if Olaf was in. Needless to say, when Olaf called me I was crying. I really thought the man was dead. It turns out his pager died and he hadn't even made it in his office yet when I called. He was out talking to one of his lead mechanics.

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