Thursday, February 22, 2007

The "basement guy" aka Rick will start on Monday. He and Olaf are going to Lowe's tomorrow afternoon to purchase all the supplies. After much nagging and threatening on my part, Olaf has agreed to put in a separate heating and air unit down there. You see, I cannot stand the heat. At all. In the summer my thermostat is set on 72 degrees. I am not willing to compromise that by putting the burden of cooling another 750 square feet in the basement. As for the heat, I could really care less. In the winter our thermostat is no higher than 65. If you are cold, put on a coat:)

I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon. It is a gorgeous day and the children are playing outside. It is supposed to reach 70 degrees. They are outside in their shorts. I am a bit worried about Josiah though. He cannot run or play very long before he says his legs are tired and he needs to rest. He has a well visit March 5th so I will ask the pediatrician about it then. Speaking of pediatricians, Camille had her tailbone x-rayed yesterday along with x-rays for scoliosis. Her tailbone has been hurting for over two months now.

I need to get going and do something productive. Have a great Thursday!

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