Sunday, February 18, 2007

We went grocery shopping at WalMart as a family today. I don't like doing that as we spend more money that way. But everyone wanted to go, so we went.

Caleb is home from school all this week for mid-winter break. He is not happy about it either. He keeps asking if he can ride the bus tomorrow and I keep telling him no. Then he gets mad and cries. I wish school were year round for him. It sure would make my life much easier.

We found another contractor for the basement. He came recommended by a family on my homeschool group. He seems like a real nice guy and he is less expensive than the other contractor that we had. He does all the work except carpet and painting. He said it will take him about two weeks to finish it. How exciting is that? Olaf still has to remove some trash and then seal the walls and floor with radon sealant. After that, he can start. I am excited about having more room. Olaf is home tomorrow for President's Day. He will be hauling garbage out of the basement and taking it to the dump. (Provided the dump is open tomorrow)

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