Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I went to the ear, nose, throat doctor yesterday and he did a nasoscope to look in my throat. I was a bit worried that I would vomit, but it wasn't that bad at all. He said my wheezing and hoarseness may be due to acid reflux and told me to take 150 mg Xantac twice a day for a month to see if it helps. He told me that everything else in my throat looked normal. That was good news. I really like my ENT doctor. He is fabulous. Anyone that goes to him really likes him. He is the rare doctor that takes time to listen, has a great bedside manner, and is genuinely kind. Three of my children have had tubes done by him and I completely trust him unlike most other doctors I see.

Everyone did school today. Even Josiah. He likes to color some worksheets that I have with nuumbers on them. Camille had a spelling test and missed four words. She also did all of her usual stuff. Gracie did some math, phonics, and writing. She is learning some new special sounds and she enjoys the flashcards that we do to memorize them. The weather is nice outside so they played for awhile out there as well. Fresh air is good for them:)

Olaf went to the dump yesterday. We are almost there. It shouldn't be too much longer before the guy can start framing the basement. YeeHaw! It will be so nice to have some place for all these toys. We have miles of Thomas tracks. All types too. Wood, plastic, take along...you name it.

Caleb only asked me to eat about 20 times today. Less than normal.

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