Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting old

Last night I had to use Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream on my face. I have a couple of dry patches on my face as well as lots of wrinkles. Heavy sigh. I am getting old people. I am also getting gray hair. It's happening fast too. They come out of nowhere!

I am taking Cami to the doctor this afternoon. Her tailbone has been hurting for 6-8 weeks now. I am sure it is just bruised, but since it has been so long I felt it was time for a doctor to tell me it's just bruised.

I went to Charity's baby shower yesterday. A lot of friends from her church went in together and bought her a glider and an ottoman. It was very nice. I ate a lot which is always fun.

Olaf got a call from his aunt in Germany yesterday. She has lung cancer and decided that she just cannot handle the chemo. She was very thin and frail to begin with and now she only weighs about 75 pounds and she is about 5'6". She is single, lives alone, and has no one to help her. I am assuming Germany has some sort of nurse or hospice that comes in daily, but I am not even certain of that. Her time here on earth is probably very short, so please pray for her. I am not sure if Olaf is planning a trip to see her, but it needs to be done soon if he is.

Did you know there is a magazine for breast cancer survivors? I think that is fabulous. You cannot subscribe to it, but you can still purchase it online.

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