Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, I took Gracie to the ENT doctor on Monday with me. She is on Zyrtec for her allergies and breathing treatments because she was wheezing in her lungs. Dr. Heindle prescribed Xopenex instead of plain old albuterol. He said it shouldn't make her hyper and it hasn't. She has been fine. And, praise the Lord, she didn't cough a lot last night either. The down side to Xopenex is that it is very expensive. I had to pay $50 for the copay! I also had to buy a nebulizer which was another $34. Her Histussin HC was $10. The doctor gave me samples of Zyrtec, so at least I didn't have to pay for that.

Today I went to an ABeka meeting to buy Gracie's books for next year and to order the DVD program for Camille. We watched a sample DVD of 6th grade and I think Camille will really enjoy it. The teachers are upbeat and fun. I think she will do well with that. She will definitely be getting a more rounded education and that is crucial right now as she transitions into middle school. I am thinking that we may go with accredited program when she starts high school and let ABeka take care of all the grading and record keeping for me. They gave me $125 off for a first time enrollment, so the cost of the year long program was $850. Grace's books were about $80.00 so I came out ahead!

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