Friday, March 09, 2007

Too dumb to think of a title...

My husband wasn't feeling well today so he took the day off. It was nice having him home. The basement guy was sick today too, so nothing got done today. Hmmm, I wonder if the basement guy has been kissing Olaf?

Molly just got here (around 8 pm) to spend the night with Camille. Grace and Josiah are just as excited as Camille that she is here. I think I will take Caleb, Grace, and Josiah out tomorrow to buy Cami a birthday present while she is at Butts Mill Farm. The children love buying gifts for their siblings.

My friend, Misty, just found out that she is having a baby boy. They have tried to get pregnant for a long time, so this baby is a super huge blessing from God. I mean, all children are (blessings)...but when you have to wait for God's's even more incredible. I know all about that:) My womb certainly opens in God's time, not mine.

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