Thursday, March 15, 2007

The basement is finished

Two weeks and it's done. Can you believe it? I need to take some pictures, but it looks great down there. I cannot wait until it is painted and carpeted and usable.

Olaf is doing pretty good with his implant. He is on Vicodin which helps a lot. We'll see how he feels tomorrow, but right now he seems okay.

My visit was fun today! Dana and her girls are super sweet and very easy to talk to. We had a fabulous lunch of baked potatoes, salad, and fruit salad. The children had mac-n-cheese and pb&j sandwiches. The children all got along splendidly and we only had two accidents that produced blood. Olivia bit her tounge and Ian bumped his mouth trying to get on the trampoline. Here is a picture of Charity, Dana, and Claire:

I am 32 weeks pregnant today. Eight more weeks until I get to meet my baby boy. I am looking forward to it.

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