Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kind of warned.

I did something last night that I have never done before. I wrote a letter with no intention of sending it. I wrote it just to get all my feelings out and say mean things. I didn't try to edit my thoughts, I just wrote what came to me. Even if it meant saying "I hate you!" Of course, I will never send the letter...but it did feel good to just sit and type and get all of that junk out.

I haven't watched LOST yet, so don't tell me about it. Olaf needed to get to bed earlier than 11:30. We have it on DVR and will probably watch it Friday because tonight there are FIVE episodes of The Office on. That will be fun for us.

Next week is Spring Break for Caleb. Yes, he just had a week off for "mid-winter break" but these children get so much time off in public school.

Olaf has been doing school with Camille to help me out until next school year. I get so frustrated and that doesn't help her at all. I am looking forward to those DVD's next year. I know there are other homeschoolers out there who think I should lighten up etc. I even had one woman say that I am not homeschooling "God's way" because it doesn't matter if she can do algebra in the long run. I happen to disagree. It does matter if she can eventually do algebra. No, that isn't the most important part of her life. That, of course, is her relationship with God. However, you still need to function in this world and have some sort of education no matter how "Christian" you are. And to say something like "you are not homeschooling God's way" seems pretty self righteous to me. I'll find her when I get to heaven just to see the shock on her face that I actually made it.
(And btw, this is not the person I wrote the "hate" letter to! That person is actually a family member.) I wish everyone who professes to believe in Jesus and be born again by His blood would just allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Yes, we are here to encourage one another to good works. We are here to help each other when we see a brother or sister in Christ living a life of blatant sin. But the fact remains that I am accountable to Christ alone. Not anyone else. I have an audience of One and I will stand before Him by myself to give an account for my actions. I am so happy that I will be able to say, "By Your grace alone, and the blood of Christ, do I stand here. I do not deserve to see a Holy God." I cannot imagine being so proud as to say "I cannot believe you let HER in! She didn't even homeschool Your way!" The reason people do not come to Christ is because Christians can't even get along. So much bickering, back biting, holier than thou attitudes. It saddens me. OK, I am ending my rant now.

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