Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Olaf actually got the bedroom in the basement painted yesterday! Two coats of primer, one coat of paint, and Voila!

The guy from Lowe's came and measured the basement for carpet today, so in a few weeks we should be moving in:) The next thing is a security system. No one is moving into that bedroom before Mama makes sure it is safe. There are more pictures on my Flickr account, but you have to be a contact in order to see them. Make sure you sign in, or you won't see all of the pictures. We are going to let the children go down there with Sharpies or paint and let them draw on the cement floor before we carpet it. That should be fun for them!

Let's see...not much else to talk about. It's a typical Monday. I cleaned this morning because the house gets trashed over the weekend. I called my friend, Melissa, to see if she can start cleaning for me again every other week. I am anxiously awaiting her return call. She used to clean for me, but when Olaf took the 20% pay cut, I had to fire her! "YOU'RE FIRED!" Anyway...she would come every other week and mop, dust, vacuum, and clean my bathrooms. It was heaven! Yes, I did clean the bathrooms on the off week, but I never dusted or mopped on the off week. So, with the new baby coming and in anticipation of Olaf's raise when Delta comes out of bankruptcy, I am SO hiring her back.

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