Monday, March 05, 2007

Josiah's Check Up

Since I don't have a baby book for this poor child, I need to record this information here...

Josiah had his four year old well visit today. He was 43.25 inches tall (which is very tall for a 4 year old) and weighs 41 pounds. The doctor and the nurse commented on how incredibly tall he is. I guess he is going to be a big one:) He already wears the same size shoe as Grace (size 13) and she is 19 months older than he. He got his first ever vaccination (a tetanus shot) and didn't even cry. He was a very brave boy. He didn't cry when they pricked his finger for the iron test either. He was very proud of himself but not as proud as his Mama. He did have protein in his urine, so I need to take in another sample first thing Thursday morning. I am hoping it was just because he wasn't hydrated, but we'll see. I should have brought the camera, but I forgot. This was his first well visit since he was a baby. I tend not to go every year since we don't vaccinate on the doctor's schedule. I think his last well visit was when he was 18 months.

The basement is looking good. They put the mud on the drywall and started to install one window today. Tomorrow I am assuming they will do the other two windows and put another coat of mud on the drywall. They haven't hung any doors yet. I am guessing they will be done by the end of this week or early next week. Then Olaf will paint and we will have the carpet put down. I bought some slip covers for the old couch and love seat that we will be using down there. We need to buy a new TV, but other than that it will be furnished with odds and ends. Well, we need to buy some storage type stuff/shelving too for toys and the closets. I am just hoping we can keep on budget. I am just thrilled that we will have more room. I mean, my heart does a happy dance when I think of it:)

I updated the baby blog today and posted a photo. Camille took it for me. I feel huge. Face it, I am huge. However, not as huge as this woman.

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